The Blacklist

Here are a list of Chinese printers that I have personal and negative experiences with:

Beijing Shiyi Printing Co. Ltd.
- Quality: Numerous quality issues. Almost 80% of the 10+ jobs sent have some sort of quality problems.
- Pricing: Low to medium. However, this company makes many mistakes in cost calculation. If they found their mistakes before printing or before delivery, they will not print/ship your job until you pay them more. They will not return your deposit either if you want to cancel. In either case, your originally agreed delivery schedule will be screwed.  This company has the classic "Shanghaijacked" behavior.

Shanghai Litian Packing Colorful Printing Co. Ltd.
- Quality: Many quality issues.  Almost 70% of the 50+ jobs sent have some sort of quality problems.  The problems were usually due to political infighting inside the company.  It is unfortunate that the customers have to become their political sacrifices. 
- Pricing: Medium.  Not the best price in town.  If you send them mulitple jobs, they will also try to play games with the selling price of each different job so that it'll look better for them internally.  This means that you'll end-up paying more [than originally agreed pricing] on certain jobs.  If you are running multiple jobs with them, it'll get confusing after a while.  And usually, they win out as customers always seem to be paying more on certain jobs in order to fill the short-falls on other jobs.  In any event, you are not going to get your jobs or deposit back unless you follow through with the rules of the game as they have laid down.
- Delivery: Lousy.  The political infighting affects more than just quality.  95% of the jobs sent were late for one reason or another; however, all were related to their internal politics.  Some jobs ran as late as two months!

Shanghai iPrinting Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Tuyu Printing Co. Ltd.)
- Quality: Good.  As long as nothing happens with the quality of the job, you are okay.  But once something should happen, you are on your own.  When quality of the job becomes a problem because of a manufacturing issue, buyers are on their own to fix the problem.  The general manager had visited me and proclaimed that they are the most responsible printer in the entire China.  The very next day, one of the job printed by them had issues with pages falling out due to bad binding.  The general manager not only refused to do anything about the problem, he also started to ignore our calls for solutions.  In short, we had to dig into our own pocket to get the job reprinted by another factory.  Needless to say, we neither received a discount/refund or an apology for the said problem. Of the five jobs sent, two had similar problems.
- Pricing: Medium to high.  Not the best priced printer in China.
- Delivery: Acceptable.

Shanghai Picture in Picture Package Printing Co. Ltd.
- Quality: Bad. This factory has the will to change paper and other material once you send the jobs in.  This creates a dangerous situation where, if you are reselling the job, you'll be offering an inferior product to the end-buyer than what's originally contracted.  Worse part is that the factory pockets all the savings from switching material/paper, you don't get a penny.  All you get is a bad reputation as you'll be left hanging to face your own customers.  There are also numerous issues with various other quality problems.  The overall quality control in this factory is very low.  There are political infighting between the press department and postpress.  Each department will actually use customer's jobs to set the other up; ultimately, customers are the ones who lose out due to very bad and inconsistent product quality.
- Pricing: Low to Medium.
- Delivery: Slow.

Shanghai Daya Advertising and Printing Co. Ltd.
- Quality. Bad. Another factory that practices "bait-and-switch."  They love to switch out material/paper whenever possible.  Sometimes, they will even print a small portion of the job using the specified stock while print the bulk with something a lot cheaper.  End result is that buyers get nice good paper for the advanced copies, but once the ocean shipment lands...  Surprise!  And not a pleasant one.
- Pricing: Medium.  Not the best price nor the highest.
- Delivery: Less than satisfactory.  Since this factory has very limited postpress capability, they outsource most of their binding.  However, their lack of management makes their jobs always late on delivery.

Guangzhou Fungchoi
- Quality. Nasty! Covers of hard cover case bound books warps like crazy! Lost a client with fines paid out of our own pocket to remedy their fury. We went to this factory with this case bound book that previously had cover warping issues. Fungchoi promised that they would not have the same problem. In fact, they even put it down in a legally binding contract. But as we should have seen it coming, the covers started to warp as soon as they land here in the U.S.
- Pricing: Competitive. But for the end-result, even if the entire job was free, it wouldn't have made a difference.
- Delivery: Late although not the worst.