Saturday, May 25, 2019

Huawei Chopped up Apple (logo)?

Recently, I have been seeing an increasing number of Chinese posts trying to justify why Trump have targeted Huawei.  For those in the know, on both sides of the Pacific, understand that it's not so much about U.S. national security, or because Huawei's equipment has a backdoor for spying.  However, for the rest (and majority) of the population, especially the Chinese population, has been on the look-out for a more sensible conspiracy theory.

Not surprisingly, some overactive imaginative Chinese citizen has came up with the theory that Huawei has become Trump's favorite punching bag because Huawei wants to "chop-up" Apple.  As evidence, they showed the following image:

"When you chop up apple, you get Huawei's logo."

Coincidence?  What are the chances...?

Here's my debunking of this conspiracy theory...

First and foremost, it'd be really nice and neat if you can chop up a whole apple to resemble Huawei's logo.  Look closer at the picture above, the apple slices are actually made from many different apples carefully chosen to depict the shape of Huawei logo.  In other words, if you were to put all the slices back together, you would get a really weird looking apple.  So that you know, this is worse than someone using Photoshop to mislead people - this was a physical arrangement of different apple slices trying to manipulate something that doesn't exist.

And, of course, you can just as easily chop up a peach, strawberry, cherry, or heck, even a red bell pepper and get similar results.  Why use an apple? 

Not fully convinced?

Here are some more hard facts.  The company Huawei started in 1987 in Shenzhen, China.  The first iPhone was launched in 2007.  When Huawei started in 1987, Apple was never the target.  In reality, Huawei was known for Cisco knock-off's.  Huawei's main business was (and still is) in networking equipment.  Huawei did not introduce its first smart phone until 2009.  So the fact that Huawei's logo is resemblance of chopping up Apple is a joke.  Huawei's logo was in place since 1987, 20-22 years before Apple even shows up on Huawei's radar.

Huawei's smart phone shipment has surpassed Apple for the first time this year (2019), becoming the second largest smart phone maker in the world.  Even with this achievement, one cannot realistically claim that Huawei "chopped-up" Apple as business competition swings back and forth.

Lastly, for those interested in the Huawei logo; it is really a great exercise in graphic design techniques.  It's a great graphical reflection of the fundamental definitions of the Chinese words: Hua Wei.  Yes, "Huawei" is actually two words in Chinese. 

To understand its true meaning, we shall start with the word "China."  China in Chinese translates to Zhong Hua (中华).  There are literally two Chinese governments that exist today, they are:

- Mainland China, or People's Republic of China.中华人民共和国
- Taiwan, or Republic of China.中華民國

Both China's may have different names, but one of the things that they share is Zhong Hua (中华).  In other words, the word "Hua" is a sort of an abbreviation for: Chinese, or of China (Sino).

In other words, Huawei had used the word, Hua (华), as part of its name to signify it's patriotism and nationalism.  The simplified Chinese character of Hua (华) is simplified from the traditional character of Hua (華).  The word Hua, in ancient Chinese, means "flower."  In modern Chinese, the word flower is 花; it also shares similar pronunciation with Hua.  In short, the Chinese characters for China - 中华, literally means "center of the flower."

The second word in Huawei's name is Wei (为).  This word in Chinese has the main meaning of "action or production," or "results from an action."  So, putting the two Chinese characters together to form Hua-Wei, you get a loosely translated meaning of "results from Chinese production."

Let's look at the Huawei logo again.  Look at the logo closely, you'll see that there's a hidden sunshine with beaming rays in silhouette.  The sun is positioned at the center bottom of the logo in reverse with white beams that cuts through the foreground image.  This sunshine silhouette can be construed as a graphic representation of the word "action."  The sun working hard putting out rays to brighten the world.

The twist of turning the "action" part of the company name into silhouette is a smart move.  This leaves room to expand the logo on the foreground image.  And what do we see in the foreground image (the red part) of the Huawei logo?  Yes... Flower pedals; the exact meaning of the Chinese character of Hua.

Lastly, the logo has to be red.  Right?  That's the color of the Chinese flag and the primary color in Chinese culture that symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.  But unfortunately, it also happens to be the same color of an apple.  Coincidence? 

I'd like to think this "not-so-coincidence" is made for fun by some ignorant Chinese peasant, not something with a darker conspiratory agenda.  However, in this sensitive time, pictures such as this will tend to mislead people and does not help to ease the tension between U.S. and China.  I really hope people will stop spreading this useless and not-so-funny lie.