Monday, July 4, 2011

Blacklist: Shenzhen Yonghongshun Bags Co. Ltd.

Blacklist: Shenzhen Yonghongshun Bags Co. Ltd. (深圳市永宏顺袋业有限公司)

Address: Block 1 Dahenglong Industrial Park,Dabuxiang Road,Guanlan, Bao'an District,Shenzhen

This is a bag manufacturer. Although they claim to specialize in export work to the U.S. and Europe, they are ways away from being an expert. In short, they are just another typical Chinese manufacturer.

Our experience with the company is so typical. They are exactly like the countless other Chinese factories who are so short-sighted. Most Chinese companies would only look at one single job and never look ahead about the possible long-term relationship that may result from a job well-done. To them, it's always how to cut corners so they can maximize their profits on this current job.

This factory promises one price at the start of the job. As the job progressed, the factory would find all kinds of excuses to increase the originally agreed prices. You are literally at their mercy as your schedule, quality, and the physical products are being held hostage. So you give in to their demands as long as the increases are not too significant. And they know it, too! They would not come to you with a huge cost increase, unless they really screwed up. They know you, as a buyer, would eventually agree to many small increments.

So the overall cost is one thing, the schedule is put back and back until we were almost at the situation where the order is almost cancelled by our U.S. buyer.

At last, they screw everything up by not packing your job correctly. We were told by the factory that the job will take one single container, but it ended up to be more than that. We are now stock with the additional ocean freight that we have eat ourselves.

Worst part is, with this type of service, we have no idea if the quality of the bags will be consistent and accepted by our buyers here in the States.

Of the many bag manufacturers that we bought from, this one has to rank the lowest. Stay away if you can.

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